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With our homeland as the ultimate inspiration, Tan Dowr was destined to encompass the very elements that define Cornwall.


Having grown up by the coast, with salt in the air and being surrounded by a plethora of craft Cornish products we were inspired to create something of our own which encompasses us and our county.

Cornwall Origin.jpg



Firstly we needed a name to reflect our roots and we turned to the Cornish language for some unique inspiration.

Tan Dowr is the direct Cornish Translation of the term 'Fire Water' and it was originally coined by the Native Americans. After trading animal pelts for alcohol, their way of testing its potency was pouring a small amount onto a fire. If the fire grew, then they knew it had not been watered down. Hence forth the term 'Fire Water' meant a high quality, strong spirit and we knew this befitted our brand perfectly.



From the outset we knew we wanted to bring something truly unique to the market. The first hurdle for us was creating a flavour that would compliment as many combinations as possible. Living in Cornwall, we grew up with a passion for the sea and the coastline, and we knew that somehow we needed to incorporate this zeal into our Vodka. 

With access to some of the best produce in the World, we endeavoured to make the most of it by using our very own Cornish Sea Salt. No ingredient in the world has ever been used as much, or for as long, than salt to enhance flavour. With this in mind we had the perfect bedrock to create an inspired flavour.

Sea Salt.jpg



With the recipe of our chosen triple distilled 96% neat alcohol, mixing with the heart of Cornwall and its Cornish Water, together with the perfect amount of Cornish Sea Salt we found we had created the ultimate vodka that we had hoped for.

Tan Dowr with its salty tang on the tongue is a taste of the wild sea and Cornwall's blazing spirit.

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