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Introducing our delicious TD Cornish cocktail kits!

Included in each is all the ingredients you need to make bar quality, delicious & fresh cocktails at home. Ideal for yourself or as a wonderful gift!

Making an exquisite cocktail at home doesn’t have to be daunting.

With the right recipe, a Tan Dowr Kit, and only a couple of fresh ingredients, creating your own is an enjoyable experience that couldn't be any easier!

Each of our Kits consists of three main parts, our miniature Tan Dowr Sea Salt Vodka, a Cornish Cocktail mixer, and a Premium Cornish Tonic. In addition each Kit includes a recipe card to guide your way to our perfect serve!

The Cornish Mule
The Cornish Hedgrow

The Cornish Hedgerow


For a sensational all Cornish berry burst enjoy the refreshing sweet, earthy notes of locally foraged fruits with The Cornish Hedgerow Cocktail Kit!

For our best serve simply add blackberries, raspberries and garnish with a sprig of mint over ice!

The Cornish Garden

Taste the good vibe feelings of a warm summer day with our delightfully refreshing Cornish Garden Cocktail Kit!


For our best serve simply add freshly sliced grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary over ice!

The Cornish Garden
The Cornish Crumble

The Cornish Crumble


Taste the comforting, sweet notes of a delicious blackberry and apple crumble all neatly wrapped up in tasty Tan Dowr fashion with our Cornish Crumble Cocktail Kit!


For our best serve simply add sliced apple and blackberries over ice. If you are feeling extra naughty - a crushed biscuit rim!

The Cornish Mule


Add some zest to your day and enjoy the fiery, zingy kick that comes with our Cornish Mule Cocktail Kit!


For our best serve simply add freshly sliced lime and a mint over ice!

The Cornish Mule
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