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"Kernow Kicker with Cornish Sea Salt Vodka, Lime and Ginger beer infused with Cornish Yellow Chillies" is a dynamic and tantalizing name for a cocktail that promises an unforgettable drinking experience. This name perfectly encapsulates the essence of Cornwall with "Kernow," the Cornish name for Cornwall, while also hinting at the bold and vibrant flavours of the drink.


The addition of Cornish Sea Salt Vodka adds a unique coastal twist, infusing the cocktail with a hint of briny sophistication. Combined with the zesty brightness of lime and the fiery kick of yellow chillies, the Kernow Kicker becomes a harmonious fusion of flavours that excites the palate and promises to be a standout cocktail that captures the spirit of Cornwall in every sip. 


Beautifully packaged to be gifted, or simply for your own enjoyment, the box includes:


1 x -50ml Miniature Tan Dowr Cornish Sea Salt Vodka 

1x -150ml Cornish Country Cordials lime Cocktail Mixer 

1x -250ml  Jollys's Fiery Ginger Beer with Yellow Chillies

100% Natural wooden cocktail stirrer 

Biodegradable Paper Straws


Kernow Kicker Cocktail Kit

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