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With its smooth Cornish vodka base, the Cornish Sunrise sets the stage for a symphony of taste sensations. With a refreshing burst of Cornish Classic Lemonade add to this the bright and citrusy notes of orange, reminiscent of the sun's first rays painting the sky with warmth and light. Followed by a touch of grenadine syrup that adds a subtle sweetness, mimicking the rosy hues that adorn the horizon during sunrise.


Beautifully packaged to be gifted, or simply for your own enjoyment, the box includes:


-50ml Miniature Tan Dowr Cornish Sea Salt Vodka 

-150ml Cornish Country Cordials Orange Cocktail Mixer 

-200ml Navas Classic Lemonade

-50ml Grenadine Syrup

100% Natural wooden cocktail stirrer 

Biodegradable Paper Straws




For our best serve simply add freshly sliced orange over ice!

The Cornish Sunrise Cocktail Kit

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.